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5 natural ways to redden the lips

5 natural ways to redden the lip

Having red lips is a dream for some people. Red lips are the main attraction for some people. For that reason many companies are making lipsticks. Unlike natural ingredients, lipstick can redden your lips instantly. Even so our lips will not always be red. Besides lipstick will also make the lips blackened if we use it too often. Well for those of you who do not want his lip flushed top5 will give some tips on how to naturally redden a lip.

1. Redden lip using Honey

Honey has always been the first in terms of beauty and health. As In the previous article about how to curling eyelashes. Who would have thought that a sticky, and don't have a red color thing could redden the lips. For the way of use just apply the original honey to the lips. Do it before bed and rinse in the morning when you wake up.

2. Redden lips using olive oil

Olive oil is very useful to brighten the lips. In addition to enlightening, the nutrients contained in olive oil can also be a natural moisturizer of lips that make your lips feel soft. How to use the same as honey. But in the use of olive oil you can also add sugar.

3. Redden lips using sugar

Sugar can help exfoliate dead skin cells on your lips. Where the dead skin cells that make your lips dark and dull. For how to use it soften 3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 spoonfuls of butter to make pasta. Then apply on your lips.

4. Redden lips using castor oil

In addition to use to brighten the lips, castor oil can also overcome the lips are cracked. Maintain the moisture of the lips with the nutrients contained in it. Very easy to use castor oil. Simply dab on the lips.

5. Redden lips using avocado

How to use avocado to redden the lips is by means of finely pound avocado. You can also add some olive oil in it, then rub and massage it gently. If it's been long enough rinse with warm water.

Some of the above tips are not instantly redden lips with lipstick. However, the use of natural ingredients has many benefits received. Not only the lips become red and bright the lips will also become healthy, and not cracked.