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How To Curling Eyelashes

How To Curling Eyelashes

Who are people who do not want curly eyelashes? Sure everyone wants. Especially for women. 99% of women would like to have curly eyelashes. Various ways they do for curly eyelashes. One way that is most widely used by women to curly eyelashes is using mascara. The way it is very easy and produces a rapid flick curly eyelashes. However, in its use, mascara also has side effects. Among other things that cause eyelashes to fall out. For that top5 have any tips for a safe way to curling eyelashes.

1. Curling eyelashes with Honey

Curling eyelashes safe way first is the use of honey. Honey does have many benefits. Besides useful in the field of health, honey can also be useful in the field of beauty. One is to curling eyelashes. Very easy to use. Apply honey on the lashes and then after 30 minutes rinse with water. Use regularly to get maximum results.

2. Curling eyelashes with Olive oil

Olive oil is very often used for beauty. From the start of face masks until curl eyelashes. The use of olive oil to curl the eyelashes same with the use of honey. To note in its use should not be exposed to the eye.

3. Curling eyelashes with Egg shrimp

Unlike the other eggs, not only can be consumed, shrimp eggs can also be used to curl the eyelashes. Although it smelled very fishy But try to use it because it is more secure than mascara. For how to use Break the eggs shrimp then apply to the eyelashes.

 4. Curlig eyelashes with Aloe vera

Since the first aloe vera is known to lengthen your hair. Especially, the hair on the head. So that could be concluded aloe vera can also be used to curl and lengthen eyelashes. Parts used to curl eyelashes is slime of aloe vera

 5. curling eyelashes with pure milk 

Although in general the whole milk is used to whiten and soften the face but pure milk can also be used to curl the eyelashes. Nutrients which are contained in it make milk has many benefits as well as honey.
Well above are some tips to curling eyelashes. The above methods may not be as instant like mascara but above methods are safe and do not have any side effects choose one way over and do it regularly so you can get the eyelashes.
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