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5 browsers other than firefox and google chrome

5 browsers other than firefox and google chrome

Browser is a software that serves to receive and present information on the internet. Information that browsers serve very much. Can be a video, image, web or other type of content. Mozilla firefox and google chrome are popular examples of browsers. But besides firefox and google chrome there are still many browsers that you can use. Here are five browsers other than firefox and google chrome.

1. Opera 

Internet users may be familiar with this one browser. This browser is a popular browser other than mozilla firefox and google chrome. Compared to mozilla firefox and google chrome, opera has the advantage of blocking ads. Make us comfortable while surfing the internet. In addition, (quoted from wikipedia) A speed test conducted ZDNet's technology site in early 2008 shows. That among internet explorer 7, Safari 3, firefox 3 pre-release versions and Opera 9.5, Opera is the fastest browser in some areas. Even so, opera gets little interest for browser on computer or pc. However, the opera sells bigger in the mobile market.

2. Konqueror 

Some Internet users may already know with this one browser. Konqueror is a browser for KDE-based linux operating system. Konqueror can display the identity of browser users that can be changed to a number of leading browsers like mozilla firefox and google chrome. In addition to being used to explore the virtual world, konqueror can also browse the contents of the computer.

3. Safari 

This browser is a browser created by Like other browsers, more or less safaris have the same navigation. Similar to mozilla firefox and google chrome. Safari is installed with mac os and is officially a default browser on the operating system.

4. Tor Browser 

Tor browser that has this onion logo, For some people, especially surfers who explore clandestinely though not completely, would have been familiar to them. If compared with mozilla firefox and google chrome, tor browser is much safer to surf. This virtual tunnel network enables internet surfers to improve their privacy. In addition there are many IP Proxy in tor browser that we can use either from transparent proxy type, anonymous, and elite. If it can be a good IP, connections can be faster. I think Tor Browser is very useful to keep important personal data or important data company, especially transaction data. Unfortunately Tor Browser must switch IP Proxy and sometimes we have to find the available IP in Free Proxy available.

5. Internet explorer 

This free software is made by microsoft. Unfortunately this browser is not free. Initially internet explorer was widely used all over the world in the 1999's. But now internet explorer start losing its devotees. Because of the many browsers that rival internet explorer like mozilla firefox and google chrome.

In general every browser has its own deficiencies and advantages. Are you interested to try one of the five browsers above? Or settle on mozilla firefox and google chrome? I use tor browser for pc and browser opera for mobile.