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5 ways to Get money on internet

5 ways to Get money on internet.

Money is not the main purpose of life. But it can not be denied if money is needed. Almost 99% of people in this world work for money, not for ideals or anything. Well in this advanced era, we can use the internet as a money field. Many things can be done in order to earn money through internet. One of the most popular ways to earn money from the internet is blogging. However, besides, there is still a lot of light work on the internet that can make money. Well, here are 5 ways to earn money on the internet.

1. Whaff rewards

 The first way to earn money on the internet is to play whaff rewards apps. How to play it is very easy. Especially you guys gamers. Here your task just download the app and then play it. And get the money. How to make money on whaff rewards can be via paypal.

2. Qooh it 

Qooh it is a money-making application just like whaff. The difference is in qooh it we not only get the money alone, but we also can get knowledge. Why so? Because in qooh it, our task is not to download the application, but enough to ask and answer questions. Few tips for you who want to earn money from qooh it. If you want to ask, ask what you want to know, but arrange the question in an easy-to-understand and simple language. Then if you want to give an answer, give the best answer. Because it is likely that the questionnaire will give bonus points because of good answers. In addition can be run in the application, qooh it can also be opened through the browser that is In my opinion, this way is perfect for students. How to pay out money in qooh it can via paypal. Myself have got money from qooh it.

3. Musicxray

Not many people know about the existence of money-producing website on this one. Just by listening to the song we can mendaptkan money. It is suitable for you music lovers. You just listen to the first 30 seconds, not necessarily the whole song.

4. Playing ptc (paid to click)

If you are interested to play ptc, there are some ptc that I suggest for you are clicksense and neobux. Both ptc's have been proven to pay. I myself never get paid. We simply click on the ads provided and we will get the money.

5. Yougov

Yougov is one of the many survey sites in the world. Just by filling out the survey yougov send via email, you get the money. Here we will get points for each survey has different points yng. Points that have been collected can you exchange with money.

Above are some ways of many ways to earn money on the internet. But I do not suggest the above ways to be a major moneymaker. Or in other words just for as a side or extra money. Because getting the money in the ways above is very long. Good luck.