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5 anime that has the longest episode

5 anime that has the longest episode

1. Naruto and Naruto shippuden

Who is not familiar with this one anime. Almost everyone knows this anime. Anime that has this main character naruto has a very long episode. Plus is now released anime related to naruto that is boruto. Boruto is the son of naruto.

2. One piece

This anime has a genre of adventure. Packed with good graphics and interesting stories, one piece is not less popular than naruto. One piece is also one of many anime that has the longest episode.

3. Gintama

Well here's anime with a long episode that faithfully followed by the admin. Gintama is anime with the comedy genre. A very good recommendation for those of you who love anime with comedy genres.

4. Detective conan

Although detective conan is an old anime, but until now there are still many who collect and watch this anime.

5. Fairy tail

Admin highly recommend this anime. Despite having a long episode, this anime has a good storyline and easy to understand.