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5 applications that should be in the smartphone

5 applications that should be in the smartphone

Almost everyone in this world has a smartphone. And of course every smartphone user has many applications installed in it. Start From social media applications to online shopping apps. But sometimes applications that are installed are applications that are not very necessary. Well following the top 5 will write about the 5 applications that should be in the smartphone, the top 5 version.

1. Sd maid

Sd maid is a very useful application. Sd maid is very important and recommended to be installed on your android. This application is useful to backup the applications that have been installed on your android. When we download the app through the play store, then our application package will be deleted after the application we downloaded has been installed. By using sd maid we can save our application in sd card. So when someday we research our android in factory settings, and lost the applications we have installed, we can install it again without downloading it first. In addition to functioning to backup the application, sd maid can also be used for system cleaners.

2. CM Lite

CMlite is a mobile cleaning application. Like other cleaning applications, CM Lite also features a virus scanner. CM Lite must be on our android because CM Lite is a lightweight cleaning application.

3. Vidmate

Vidmate is an application that works to download videos from youtube. In addition to downloading videos, vidmate can also download mp3 from youtube. Vidmate also provides media player for audio and video.


XPlayer is actually an app that works to play video. What distinguishes it from other video players is that XPlayer can play videos with a separate subtittle.

5. Share it

This one application may be quite popular among the wider community. This app is an app you should have. This app is a bluetooth replacement app. What distinguishes this application is a portable wifi-based. When compared with bluetooth, share it has a faster transfer process.