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5 blog platforms besides blogger and wordpress

5 blog platforms besides blogger and wordpress

Blog platform is the place or site that provides a blog account, such as blogger and wordpress. Blogger and wordpress are 2 examples of many existing blog platforms. Blogger and wordpress is the most widely used pratform and is very popular among bloggers. But in addition to these two platforms, there are many other blog platforms that are not less good to try. Here are 5 blog platforms besides blogger and wordpress.

1. Ghost 

Some people would already know this blog platform. This blog platform is fairly new. Ghosh officially released in 2013. This one blog platform is almost the same editor with the medium. What distinguishes this blog platform with others is, ghost is really dedicated to blogging. Very Responsive, elegant, fast, light and clean. When you first try Ghost, an elegant UI, there are no ads or widgets that can interfere with reading.


Tumblr is a microblog platform. Tumbrl is not less famous than wordpress and blogger. Users from tumblr quite a lot. Tumblr users facilitated in posting various posts. such as, text, video, images, audio, and links. Not until there users of this one platform can also share their postings to social media owned tumblr own. But behind all the existing advantages tumblr also has shortcomings. such as, the absence of comment fields in a snippet that can facilitate the interaction between the author and the reader.

3. LiveJournal 

LiveJournal is a blog platform and also an online community originally created from private journals by Brad Fitzpatrick. But then LiveJournal has many users and evolved into a large blog platform like blogger and wordpress. Users of this blog platform can create their own community niche blogs that they create.


Webly is very easy to use. Using the widget format, it allows users to create pages with just a few clicks. And it's easy to move content from one page to another. Webly was once the fourth best site of fifty existing platform sites in magazine time in 2007.


Display of blog platform this one is very simple and minimalist. To be able to register in the medium you can use a social media account like, facebook twitter or google account. The blog platform created by Evan Williams who is the CEO of twitter has a mention feature like twitter. This feature is very possible to mutual mutual between users such as on twitter, instagram and on facebook.

Are you interested in trying one of these five platforms? Whatever blog platform you use, the most important thing is your sincerity to take care of your blog.