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5 apps for blogging via android

5 apps for blogging via android

1. Blogaway

The first blogging app you should have is blogaway. Blogaway greatly facilitates you who want to write articles through your Android. With this app you can also insert images and also add labels. This app can also store our articles in the phone before publishing. But unfortunately this application can not display the list of articles on our blog.

2. Blogger

This application is made by Google to facilitate the bloggers in managing their blog. We can see the list of articles that we have created on our blog through this application. But as in general, although this application is made by Google, this application also has shortcomings. That is, the difficulty of making an article Through this application.

3. Speech to text

Speech to text is an application that works to convert sound to text automatically. Actually this application is not made for blogging. However, this application can help us to write an article for blog. We just need to say a sentence without having to type. This application also comes with a copy button that helps us to copy the article into the blog. This app can also be used in multiple languages. Unfortunately, this app requires an internet connection.

4.Quickedit text editor

The application works to create html files. Can also be used to edit an html or xml file. this is the right application to change our blog template through Android. this application is very simple and easy to understand.

5. RAR

The last app is RAR. this application works to extract Rar or Zip file. This application is very useful when we download a template in the form of Rar or Zip.