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5 photo editing apps

5 photo editing apps

In a day like today it would be almost impossible if we did not have a photo. Moreover a selfie photo. And now more and more applications that offer features to edit your photos to look more interesting and unique. Or can also make our faces become 1000 times more beautiful than the original. Here top5 will write some professional photo editing app.

1. Mopic

This application is an application to create photo collage. which distinguishes and makes it more unique and interesting is mopic can arrange photos into the shape we want. like, for example, a form of love. so mopic will direct the position of our hands so that the result is in love.

2. Pics Art

Who does not know this one application. This application is very global. Its complete features make it number 1 photo editing app in the world. This application has a concept that is almost the same as photoshop.

3. Photo lab

Photo lab application is an image editing that provides some features that can be used to beautify our photos. This app has different features than other apps.

4. Cameringo

Cameringo is a photo editing app that provides several features. Like for example, photo filter And camera lens. So, for those of you who want to have photos with fish eye lenses do not need to bother buying the camera lens. Because we can edit the camera lens with this application.

5. Momentcam

Momentcam is an application that can turn our pictures into caricatures or cartoons. Momentcam will only take pictures of our faces, then will be made into caricature according to the available caricature illustrations. The illustrations available at the momentcam are numerous and varied. Besides that, momentcam can also make caricature gif.