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How to Get a Foreign Number

How to get a foreign number

1. Twilio

Twilio is a website that provides free
foreign numbers. There we can choose the number from various countries that we want. Twilio will show you the features we can use from that number. Because there are some numbers that can receive sms only. There are several numbers that can receive sms and phone. The web also provides foreign paid numbers. Which certainly has a more complete feature.

2. Smsreceivefree

Is also a website that provides foreign numbers like twilio. What makes it different is that this web only provides two foreign number only. That is U.S and canada number. The advantages of this web compared web provider other foreign numbers is we do not need registration to get foreign numbers. It's just that we need a long time to be able to see the sms that go into the number. Because this web has one number but used many people.

3. Text now

Different from both web provider foreign number above. Text now is a free application that you can download through the market that is available for free. The feature in text now is quite complete. We can receive phone or sms. This app is similar to messenger. So we can also sms with people who have the application text now as well.

4. Primo

Primo is also an application provider of foreign numbers like text now. The features in primo are fairly complete. But unfortunately now primo into a paid application.

5. Next Plus

An application that can make foreign phone numbers. For Android smartphone users, Next Plus applications can be downloaded for free in the Play Store. In addition for those of you who use the iOS platform can download it in Itunes. Getting a foreign phone number using Next Plus is free and easy. You just open the app and register using your active email. Unfortunately this phone number is unable to verify whatsapp.