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5 Application to duplicate application

5 Application to duplicate application

1. Multichat

An application to duplicate applications. This app can duplicate whatsapp as much as possible. This app is designed just to duplicate whatsapp only. We can make 2 whatsapp or more than that in our android. We can make whatsapp as much as we want.

2. Parallel space

This one app can duplicate all apps. Features owned by the parallel space is quite complete. What is very unfortunate is, parallel space too often display ads.

3. Moochat

This app can duplicate more than 2 apps. Not just for one kind of app. This app can duplicate the app you want to duplicate.

4. Go Multiple

This application is similar to parallel space. What distinguishes is go multiple does not often show ads that interfere. However, even then the ads are very annoying. If you do not want any ads you can buy this app.

5. Clone app

Application that works to duplicate this application is light enough to be installed on your android. Clone app is almost the same as parallel space and go multiple. It's just that there are some apps that clone app can not duplicate. Like weChat and Youtube.