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5 ways to mine cryptocoins on android.

5 ways to mine cryptocoins on android.

Please note, before proceeding further. Mining cryptocoins using Android is not easy. And the results obtained are also not so many. Especially if you want to mine bitcoin. However, there is nothing wrong if you want to mine through Android. There are many ways to mine cryptocoins through Android. Here are 5 of the easiest ways you can do to mine through your Android.

1. Telegram

It's quite well known that many robotic robots are made to get cryptocoins for free. But not much of the robots detected a scam. Or do not pay the user.

The three bots have been proven to pay. Although the pay is only a handful. Missions that must be carried out visit the site provided. Join a channel. And join other robots. Quite simple and easy.

2. Application

Of the various cryptocoins mining applications that are in the play store, sometimes we only get a few that actually pay. Dogefaucet and Stellarfaucet are two of the few applications that really pay. This application made by NyanDev has a fairly easy mission. We can claim coins in 3 minutes for Stellar and 5 minutes for Doge.

3. Web Mining

Web mining that really works to get cryptocoins is very difficult to find. Most of them will only last a few moments. Then it won't pay the members anymore. Old webs like eobot can no longer be relied on.
TrueDoge is a web that is still safe.

4. Mining through the application

Mining through applications such as electroneum and minergate. It's very easy to say. Without any mission but it will make your android become wasteful of batteries and get hot.

5. Airdrop

Joining the airdrop group is also one of the easy ways to get cryptocoins.

Besides how to mine cryptocoins on Android, you can actually do conventional Bitcoin Mining too.

Good luck.