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8 Reasons for Caucasian Guys Like Indonesian Girls, You Include Their Criteria?

QUX.ME- Have you ever seen a Caucasian who likes to even marry an Indonesian girl?

Starting from ordinary people to artists of the country not a few who finally edited Caucasians.

What exactly are Caucasians like from Indonesian girls?

Well, this time YouTuber Ayunda Bray thoroughly explored the reason Caucasians like Asian women, especially Indonesia.

Ayunda Bray herself is an Indonesian woman who is married to British Caucasians.

Now, he and his small family live and live in Australia.

Ayunda Bray discussed this on her YouTube video uploaded on Friday (12/21/2018).

No need to stay long, let's see 8 reasons Caucasians like Asian girls, especially Indonesia, according to Ayunda Bray.

Here's the review.

1. Most Caucasians love brown girls

"The exotic one is dirty, yes, it's not very dirty, it's brown but it's clean, huh," he said.

"Why do Caucasians like brown skin? What I have asked is the various ex-men I have and my husband."

"The answer is they said, 'I'm bored with white skin girls'."

"Because the white color looks pale, it hurts, it's not fresh like that."

"But, if the brown girl is more colorful. It looks sexier."

"The lighter the brown color, the fresher the eyes are."

Ayunda Bray stressed that not all Caucasians like brown skin.

However, most Caucasians he met did like brown skin tones.

2. Like little girls

"Caucasians like petite girls, if our word says mah short, tiny, dwarf," explained Ayunda Bray.

"It's not too short, I mean, it's on average about 145cm to 17cm."

"Because the white girls are really high, like 180cm."

"Caucasians don't really like tall girls if they basically like Asian girls."

"Why does he like Asian girls? Because he likes the same little ones, the short ones."

In addition Ayunda Bray also explained that Caucasians prefer those whose bodies are slim or thin compared to those that contain.

3. Like girls who are friendly / know to take care of spouses / polite

"Because Indonesian girls are friendly, honey, smile," Ayunda Bray said.

"And because we have been educated with our parents from a small age (to take care of a partner)."

"I think I personally see when I really service my father, the food is prepared, everything is taken care of, really housewife."

"On average, girls from independent women, she works, so I'm so busy working, my husband doesn't take care."

Ayunda Bray reveals that white men are also more independent than Indonesian guys.

If usually many Indonesian guys ask for help from their wives (for example, ask for food, ask for shoes), this is not the case with Caucasian guys.

For example, Caucasians ask his wife if she wants to cook, but the wife says tired, well then the Caucasian guy is the one who offers to cook.

"He is independent, his name has never been told, that's my husband's experience," he continued.

Ayunda Bray also explained that the husband had no problem if he didn't make breakfast for him.

However, because he is accustomed to parental education, Ayunda offers breakfast for her husband every morning.

He also likes the habits of husbands who add the words "Please" or "Help" when asking for something.

4. Like girls who are strong or not lazy

"Bule doesn't like spoiled girls because life abroad is hard," explained Ayunda Bray.

"There are no helpers, no caregivers, none of them, nothing but expensive."

"Strong means you can be a babu, so you can care, you can all love. So a Caucasian wife must be versatile."

"What is clear is that Caucasians don't like spoiled girls, like independent girls."

"How spoiled you can be, spoiled dear no matter, not spoiled or lazy, Caucasians don't like lazy girls."

"Caucasians also don't like asking for money at least, because we are Caucasian wives, we have to understand the condition of the husband."

"Caucasians will not forget that you remain beside him even though he is difficult."

5. Like smart girls can be exchanged ideas and asked for opinions

"Suppose that my husband just came home from work he told me all about his work in the field," Ayunda Bray said.

"Luckily my family is a technical family, all oil families, so there is still connection about mining even though I myself am a legal person."

"But at the very least, when you are invited to talk, you are invited to send your mind to your husband or your partner, you are connected."

"You have to be smart, smart to be invited to exchange thoughts, smart to talk to."

"Caucasians like to share, share their life experiences, share their work, so you have to connect."

6. Open minded

"Caucasians don't like being banned, so you have to be open minded, open minded," said Ayunda Bray.

7. Can speak English even though it's still basic

"I don't think you need to be afraid that you have to learn English," said Ayunda bray.

"At first I learned English from Google Translate, even though Google Translate isn't necessarily true."

"Caucasians are sporty, respecting our struggle even though our English is a mess, he doesn't laugh at us."

8. Like sexy girls and don't decorate their makeup

"Because they think girls in Indonesia are beautiful, it's natural," Ayunda Bray said.

"But even if Caucasians talk, 'Honey, you're pretty, even though you're not grooming', don't believe."

"Still a little eyebrow pencil, with lipstick, it's just minimal."