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Video of Indonesian Navy Finds 9 Day Stranded Tsunami Victims, Survives Eating Garbage in the Sea

QUX.ME - A tsunami victim was found safe by members of the Navy who combed the waters of South Lampung on Sunday (12/30/2018).

Videos of the victims' rescue seconds are widely circulating on social media.

One of them uploaded a Pardie Rea Reo Facebook account on Monday (12/31/2018).

In the video, it appears that members of the Indonesian Navy from KRI Rigel used a lifeboat to approach the victim on the beach.

The victim was mentioned stranded on Panjang Island due to a tsunami and was only discovered on Sunday (12/30/2018).

He was on the branch of a dead tree that was on the edge of the beach when officers approached him.

"Yes, he is, a citizen stranded on a long island," said one of the officers recorded in the video.

The victim who was sent by the TNI was known as Lago.

When found, the clothes worn by Lago looked torn.

He was immediately put on a lifeboat by rescue workers.

Lago said he was a victim of the Sunda Strait tsunami while fishing on Saturday (12/22/2018) night.

To Lago officials, he claimed to be a fisherman from Kalianda, Lampung.

"I am from Kalianda, Lampung," Lago said to the officers.

Lago also admitted that he had been stranded on the island for about nine days.

"Weekly," Lago replied when asked by the officer how long he was on Pulau Panjang.

He survived by eating what I found, including garbage in the sea.

He was not alone, some of his friends were victims and stranded.

One of his friends was said to be missing, and Lago only found his boat.

"The one on Baru Island was destroyed, only the boat met," he said.

While one of his friends named Jokowi is said to be on the same island, it is now unknown.

Until this news was revealed, there was no official statement from the Indonesian Navy regarding the discovery of the tsunami victims.