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An Easy Way to Apply for a Safe Cash Loan without Guaranteed

QUX.ME - Unsecured cash loans or commonly called Unsecured Loans (KTA), are often a solution for those who need fast funds without having to provide assets for collateral. Now KTA can not only be obtained through conventional banks, but can also be obtained from various fintech loans that are now mushrooming in Indonesia.

For those of you who are in need of an unsecured cash loan with a fast process, you can consider submitting an application to an online credit institution. Of course there are a number of things that must be considered, given the recent news about fraudulent online loan institutions is being discussed.

But take it easy, not all online loans are like that. You as a customer must be smart in filtering which institutions are trusted and guaranteed security.

How do you differentiate between safe and not credit institutions? Next is complete!

Secure loan providers must be registered with OJK

Make sure the loan company that you are going to go to has been registered and supervised directly by the OJK. OJK also has a list of lending institutions they oversee, you can visit the site directly to check.

One of the well-known cash lending institutions is Kredivo. In addition to being registered with OJK, Kredivo itself has used 256-bit encryption types, equivalent to those used by banks in protecting personal data and customer transactions.

The flowers worn are transparent and not suffocating

The amount of interest and transparency of credit institutions in informing the amount of interest they wear is equally important. If you find a service whose interest reaches one percent per day or 30 percent per month, then the interest is already unreasonable. An online loan institution that is safe will certainly charge reasonable interest.

For example Kredivo, the interest charged on this online cash loan service starts from 2.95% to 4% per month, with administrative fees at the beginning of disbursement of funds. Information on interest, additional fees, the number of installments to be paid per month, until the total loan will be notified on the Kredivo application before you agree to the loan agreement.

The site and email listed are official addresses

The next thing you can do is make sure the site, email, and other information about the lending company are official and safe. Check the address of their site. If it starts with "https:" instead of "http:", then it is certain that the company is official and safe.

Also check the e-mail used by the company. If the loan service is secured, then they will use the company's official email that ends with the company name.

If you have found a loan institution that has the three characteristics above, then you do not need to hesitate to apply for a cash loan without collateral. One of the online loan services that has the three features above is Kredivo is an online credit that gives you loans in the form of a credit limit of Rp. 30 million.

The limit can later be used to shop online at more than 200 e-commerce sites in Indonesia, as well as to be cashed in the form of unsecured cash loans.

To apply for a cash loan at Kredivo, first make sure that you are registered as a user of the Kredivo Installment account. Here's how to register:

  1. Install the Kredivo application through the Google Play Store or the App Store
  2. Select the "Installment" option
  3. Upload a KTP photo (make sure the photo is clear and legible)
  4. Connect e-commerce accounts with transaction history
  5. Connect your internet banking account as proof of income (if you choose Installment Express)
  6. Or upload a KK & STNK photo as well as a pay slip & checking account (if you choose Regular Installments)
  7. Wait for approval confirmation no later than 1 × 24 hours.

Once the Installment account is approved, you can immediately apply for cash loans through the Kredivo application. First of all, you can choose Mini or Jumbo Loans. Here's the difference:

Mini Loans:
30 days tenor
Loans starting from IDR 500,000
Interest 2.95% - 4% per month

Jumbo Loans:
Tenor 3 & 6 months
Loans start at Rp1,000,000
Interest of 2.95% per month

That's the full explanation about the Kredivo Cash Loan feature. Interest and fees charged are still the lowest compared to other online loans whose interest reaches 1% per day. So what are you waiting for? Come on, download and register Kredivo now!