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Latest data, 373 died, 1,459 injuries and 128 missing

QUX.ME, JAKARTA - The joint SAR team continues to sweep, evacuate, search and rescue tsunami victims along the affected areas of the tsunami in the Sunda Strait.

The Head of BNPB's Information and Public Relations Data Center, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, said that some areas that were previously difficult to reach because of damaged road access and covered by tsunami-washed material, some have been able to reach officers and vehicles and heavy equipment.

"This causes victims to continue to be found by joint SAR team officers," he said in a press release received by Tribunnews on Monday (12/24/2018).

Temporary data until Monday (12/24/2018) at 17.00 WIB, recorded 373 people died, 1,459 people were injured, 128 people were missing, and 5,665 people were displaced by the tsunami.

"Physical losses due to the tsunami included 681 damaged housing units, 69 hotel and villa units damaged, 420 boat units and damaged ships, 60 stalls and shop units damaged, and dozens of damaged vehicles," he said.

The impact of this tsunami disaster hit the coastal areas on the west coast of Banten Province, namely Pandeglang Regency and Serang Regency, and on the southern coast of Lampung Province covering South Lampung Regency, Tanggamus, and Pesawaran. The number of victims and the areas most affected by the damage were coastal areas in Pandenglang District.

"In this area it is a beach tourism area with hotel and villa facilities that are lined up along the coast. Especially when the tsunami occurred during a long holiday so many tourists stayed in hotels and inns. The absence of tsunami early warning also caused a lot of casualties because of the community do not have the opportunity to evacuate, "he concluded.