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4 of the Best Travel Destinations in the Middle East Region, There are Socotra in Yemen to Hegra in Saudi Arabia

QUX.ME - The Middle East region stretches from the coast in Israel to the wilderness of Saudi Arabia.

There are so many amazing landscapes and cities scattered in the Middle East.

Ranging from natural phenomena to cultural and historical sites.

Each spot reflects the cultural heritage of each country.

Next has summarized the four most beautiful places in the Middle East from the page The Culture Trip.

1. Hegra

Located in Saudi Arabia, Hegra is one of the largest cities in the Nabatean Ages, ranked second after Petra in Jordan.

The city of Hegra was built in the 1st century AD and initially consisted of residential areas and the necropolis.

There are 131 remains of a colossal headstone.

Hegra is also considered a cursed place for a long time, so it tends to be avoided by locals and travelers.

No wonder its existence is still well preserved.

2. Luxor

Often referred to as the most amazing outdoor museum in the world, Luxor in Egypt is full of beautiful ruins of mosques and temples.

So it's not surprising, Luxor became one of the most extraordinary cities in the Middle East.

The Temple of Karnak offers views of the ranks of sandstone pillars.

Meanwhile, there are more than 50 graves located in the Valley of the Kings, including Tutankhamen's tomb.
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3. Musandam Fjords

Apart from the Oman region by the United Arab Emirates, Musandam Fjords located on the Strait of Hormuz combines the dramatic scenery of the Norwegian fjord which is famous for the natural beauty of the Arabian Peninsula.

Rocky mountains and steep cliffs look down into the water.

Meanwhile, there are small coastal villages located between cliffs.

Although mountain scenery is quite rare in the Middle East, the water in Musaman Fjords is filled with wild animals, making it one of the best places for scuba diving.

4. Socotra Islands

Located in the middle between the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa, the Socotra Islands are a collection of four small islands belonging to Yemen.

The Socotra Islands showcase some of the most amazing landscapes in the world.

Because of its isolated condition, one third of the life of plants unique in the world lives on the island.

Including striking dragon blood trees and exotic large coral reefs.

The beaches on the Socotra Islands are relatively undisturbed and the clear waters make these islands one of the tropical paradise in the world.