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Additional CLS Knights capital to face Formosa Dreamers

QUX.ME - CLS Knights Indonesia will return to the next match of the 2018-2019 Asean Basketball League (ABL) competition.

This basketball club from Surabaya will travel to Formosa Dreamers on January 5, 2018.

Ahead of facing his opponent who is currently ranked second, the pride of Surabaya City continues to improve, including replacing two previous foreign players, Montay Brandon and Stephen Hurt with two new foreign players who are also of American origin, Douglas Herring Jr. (pointguard) and Darryl Finesse Watkins (center).

In his statement, Douglas Herring Jr., a 1.9-meter-tall basketball player admitted that he was very enthusiastic to make his debut.

Players who have experienced basketball competitions in a number of countries such as England, Uruguay and Canada, claimed to be ready to contribute to the victory for their team.

 "Previously I had heard a lot about ABL leagues that were very competitive. So far my transition with the CLS Knights has been going well and everyone has received us both with open arms. I have seen a number of games before and I promise to contribute as well as possible to bring victory to this team through the provision of experience we both have, "said Douglas Herring Jr. who just delivered his team to Londong Lighting in the Canadian League this season.

Another name that is a hope to be able to boost the performance of the CLS Knights to regain the winning path is Darryl Finesse Watkins.

Having a body posture of 2.13 meters and weighing 117 Kg, believed by coach Brian Rowsom, was able to close the hole left by Stephen Hurt.

Previously, the man from New Jersey City, America, had played with NBA teams such as the Sacramento Kings and in the NBA Development League with the Los Angeles D-Fenders (2007-2008).

Then he traveled to China, Lebanon, Cyprus, Bulgaria and while playing in France, Darryl Watkins was selected twice to play All Star in 2016 and 2017.

The combination of these two new players is believed Brian Rowsom has had a positive impact on the game his team played more aggressively.

The weakness of the consistency of the game which is often a scourge in some of the previous games, he admitted, is one of the considerations to bring in the new ammunition.

"We try to play more efficiently and productively especially when attacking. And the process is running with the presence of these two players. In several exercises I saw Douglas able to maintain the rhythm of the game with his leadership spirit in the field and provide a gap for other players to be able to shoot. Darryl Watkins has the ability to score good points in "inside" areas. With the experience they have, I am sure there will be good changes in this team, "Brain Rowsom said. Until now the CLS Knights are ranked eighth in the standings by collecting two wins and six defeats.