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All New Camry 2019 More Big, This Is Another Line of Changes

QUX.ME - Switches to the interior where the dashboard design in the form of a T shape dashboard is a cockpit type. The effect, the interior becomes more stylish and relieved.

Interestingly, there is a moon roof that makes the All New Camry cabin feel different.

In addition, the use of 9-inch touch screen with a variety of capabilities to play music file types and 6 speakers to be the main dish.

There is also a 4.2 inch MID screen that serves to display complete vehicle information plus tires.

With the official price starting from Rp. 613,350 million, the Blind Spot Monitor feature, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Brake Hold Function, and the presence of ABS and EBD are included.

The passive security feature is 7 airbags. Then Brake Assist, Vehicle Stability Control and Hill Start Assist.

Inside the muzzle was parked a 2AR-FE 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2,494 cc. The power produced reaches 183 ps / 6,000 rpm and torque of 23.9 kgm at 4,100 rpm.

Another version of the hybird is endowed with an A25XA-FXS engine with a capacity of 2,487 cc with a maximum power of 178 ps at 5,700 rpm and a torque of 22.5 kgm at 3,600 -5,200 rpm with an additional electric motor of 20.6 kgm.