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Can we just live with a smartphone?

QUX.ME - For us, especially the millennial generation, there is one thing that should not be forgotten when you move all day long. It is carrying or holding a smartphone.

If this one thing is left out, it feels very troubling, it can even make our life a whole day difficult.

So, if you think about it for a moment, can we go through a full day of activities just with a smartphone?

It seems like when imagined it was not impossible. First, when you want to leave the house, with only a smartphone, you can now call and ride public vehicles such as online transportation.

Second, when you are resting and feeling hungry, you can rely on a smartphone to order food without going anywhere.

Even if you want to eat out too, now we can pay bills through the e-wallet application which again makes us use our own smartphone.

Third, to work. Today, a lot of work can be done using only a smartphone.

For example, working as a social media officer. Capitalizing on a smartphone (of course with a good quality camera), we can take the desired photo or video, upload it on social media and write the desired caption.

In addition, those who work as online transportation drivers, even a journalist can work with a smartphone

For drivers of online transportation, smartphones are very important because with a small object, they can find passengers and of course add to the coffers of the money they have.

As for a reporter, smartphones make it easier for them to record an interview, write a story, and record important moments that are useful for their news.

Not only for those who have worked, even for a student or student, the existence of a smartphone is very important to help them store or photograph the materials provided by the teacher or lecturer, in each lesson they attend.

Not only is it crucial in life, the existence of smartphones also makes our social life even better.

For example, we can communicate and socialize with people who are very important in our lives, such as partners, family, and friends.

To make us able to capture the togetherness moments through a live vlogging that makes family members or friends who cannot be together can still laugh together, even communicate directly with us.

Not only that, making vlogs allows us to store all our activities such as traveling, trying new foods, presenting cool music concerts, and much more.

In fact, over time this vlog activity opens up a new opportunity for us to become a professional vlogger, which of course gives us new returns.

From the description above, of course we realize that if we are carrying out a full day's activity, we can count on a smartphone.

Therefore, in order not to interfere with the daily activities of an appropriate smartphone we really need.

For example, having Samsung Galaxy J4 + and J6 +. Both of these smartphones are reliable in our daily lives thanks to the 13MP rear camera with an aperture of f 1.9 and a 5MP front camera with an aperture of f2.2 on J4 +.

And a high resolution rear camera that is 13MP with an aperture of f1.9 and 5MP with an aperture of f2.2, and an 8MP front camera with an aperture of f1.9 on J6 +.

The camera on both smartphones can certainly make you produce bokeh effect photos to the best quality vlogs.

Samsung Galaxy J4 + and J6 + also have many other advantages that can help us in our daily activities. Want to know what? All of this information can be obtained only on this site.