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Domestic Ticket Prices Down

QUX.ME, JAKARTA - All national airlines that are members of the Indonesian Aviation Companies Association or INACA have reduced flight ticket rates since 11 January 2019.

The flight ticket prices are down on several flight routes including Jakarta-Denpasar, Jakarta-Yogyakarta, Jakarta-Surabaya, Bandung-Denpasar, and will be followed by other domestic flight routes.

The Chairperson of INACA, Ari Askhara, said the drop in flight fares followed public concerns over the high price of tickets.

In addition, there is a positive commitment to reducing airport and navigation costs from stakeholders such as PT Angkasa Pura I, PT Angkasa Pura II, AirNav, and Pertamina.

"In the midst of difficulties, our airlines still understand and understand the needs of the community and we ensure a commitment to strengthen public access to national aviation services and the sustainability of the national aviation industry," said Ari.

Ari said, all INACA members and national aviation service stakeholders had carried out intensive discussions related to the reduction in the cost structure of supporting airborne and navigation services so that they could be in line with the aviation industry's market mechanism and people's purchasing power.

By adjusting the cost structure of flight services, especially in terms of supporting costs for airport services and navigation costs, airlines can adjust the operational cost structure of flight services so they can reduce flight ticket rates.

Through the reduction in flight ticket rates, Ari hopes public access to air transportation services can be more widely opened.

"We hope that this joint commitment can increase the national economic sector considering that air transportation services play an important role in supporting economic infrastructure growth," Ari said.

INACA ensured that the flight ticket tariff reduction was in accordance with the corridors of regulations and governance rules of the national aviation industry and continued to prioritize flight safety while continuing to increase supervision of the safety and maintenance of all aircraft.

"The point is that the reduction in tariffs will keep all airlines going and continue to improve passenger safety. The reduction made is evidence of our concern for the public's need for air transportation accessibility, amid the difficulties of national airlines that have been going on for a long time," he said.