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Easy Tutorial on How to Make WhatsApp Stickers by Yourself, Only Needs 5 Minutes & No complicated

Easy Tutorial on How to Make WhatsApp Stickers by Yourself, Only Needs 5 Minutes & No complicated
QUX.ME - Communication application called WhatsApp is currently the most popular application because of its ease of use and simple features.

Seeing from the data in the Play Store this application has been installed more than 1 billion times.

And as one of the biggest communication applications, WhatsApp will always carry out information so that it can continue to be popular with users.

One feature that was just launched by Facebook's application is the use of stickers to send messages in the form of images.

In this feature there are some funny pictures that you can share with friends, friends, partners or your own parents.

And it turns out there is an application that allows you to make your own stick.

How to make stickers personally is also easy to do with just a few steps no more than five minutes, depending on the complexity of the photos to be edited later.
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Previously you must first update the WhatsApp application.

Or you can download the WhatsApp application at this link:

If you use the link above, you must first delete the application that is already on your cellphone, then install the APK that you have downloaded.

After updating, you can download two applications that will support the process of making the personal sticker.

The two applications are "Personal Sticker for WhatsApp" which can be downloaded here:

This application will connect photos that are in your cellphone's storage with the WhatsApp application.

Then the second application is "Background Eraser" which you can download here:

After downloading the two applications, then you just open the Background Eraser and select the photo you want to delete the background.