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Get ready, the Latest Edition of Yamaha NMAX Will Be Present in Indonesia

QUX.ME - Yamaha NAX is indeed quite popular among Indonesian people.

How not, almost on every street milling about Yamaha NMAX.

Since it was launched in 2015, Yamaha NMAX is like the prima donna.

Matic was playing alone with Yamaha Aerox and XMAX.

With a cool design, Yamaha NMAX also at the beginning of the launch was only priced at less than Rp 30 million.

Along the way, Yamaha NMAX has only made a change.

Mainly on the speedometer design, rear sokbreker, seat and color choices.

Starting this 2019, many Yamaha NMAX fans want big changes in the Maxi Yamaha family.

Although lately there has been news about the plan to launch a new NMAX, but PT YIMM is still not voting.

But finally revealed later via official social media account @ yamahaindonesia.

In the post dated January 4, 2019 yesterday, someone asked when the latest edition of the Yamaha NMAX was launched.

Because indeed in 2019 it has entered and Yamaha has admitted that it will carry out refreshment.

@Screamezy account: when did new nMax come out?

Through an Instagram account, @yamahaindonesia ensures that it will soon launch the latest NMax, "Immediately, Bro," he wrote.

@yamahaindonesia: thanks yes bro! Stay tuned for the latest Yamaha info.

While the @keikoalvina account tries to guess, hope Feb ... Means sold 3/4 month huh?

The Yamaha itself cannot be confirmed about when the exact plan for the launch of the latest Yamaha NMAX.

It's better if we just wait together, okay bro ...