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How to delete property websites in Google Analytic

QUX.ME - This time we give a guide on how to delete the property website in Google Analytic for those who want to delete their domain from this free blog visitor statistics service. Whatever the reason, hopefully it is the best decision, for example we are no longer using the website so think it's better to delete it so that the google account becomes clean of unused things. even though I intend to delete it but we are still given by Google to rethink for 35 days after the date of deletion, perhaps change my mind or want to cancel the disposal of property. o.k the following steps are accompanied by a screen shot of the Google Analytics website.

How to delete property websites in Google Analytic

Select the website that we want to delete and Enter Account Settings next to the left.

The account settings page appears, then in the upper right corner we click the Move to trash can button.

The "Move Account to Trash Can" notification page appears, we press the Trash Account button at the bottom of the word sure you want to continue?

Property was successfully transferred to the garbage can, and we got an email notification delete the website.

Until here our website has been successfully removed from Google Analytics, but we still have the opportunity for 35 days to cancel deletion, this is also useful if it turns out we were wrongly pressed or accidentally deleted property so we can recover through the trash can menu.

How to cancel deleted website properties on Google Analytic

Open the gmail e-mail that we use to register google analytics, check in the inbox and see the notification e-mail notification e-mail, if we really intend to delete the property, just ignore the e-mail, but if we want to cancel it then click the link link that is included in the e-mail.

We go to the Trash can page, click the Restore button, then our property is active again.

So the way that can be done, hopefully useful :)