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How to Make Money from a Blog

QUX.ME - All people who live in this world need money, even though it is basically a deposit, money is a medium of exchange or a tool used to buy worldly needs. There are many ways to get money, you can work as employees, become civil servants and so on, you certainly already know.

But here I will not discuss how to make money from the job, I will focus on discussing how to get money from the Blog based on personal experience, besides that I will also give a case study for you to become an idea or insigt in the Blogging world.

But if you have not been able to create a website or blog, you should first read about the complete tutorial on how to create a website with WordPress that I have compiled and explain in detail for those who can immediately create a blog. If you can technically create a website, please continue reading this article until it's finished.

I guarantee this is a tutorial on how to make money from a blog that is quite complete according to your expectations, because it is discussed comprehensively with my own personal experience and you will not find it on any website.
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  1. How to Make Money from a Complete Blog
    1. Make Money from Blogs (Join Blog Contest)
    2. Make Money from Blogs (Opening Review Services or Content Placement)
    3. Make Money from Blogs with Banner Ads
    4. Make Money from Blogs with Google AdSense
  2. Conclusion

How to Make Money from a Complete Blog

Read from the beginning so that you know my long journey, I hope you will be able to cut down on the time that I live this, because the internet connection is easily accessible, plus tutorials on the website or youtube have also been explained, let's start

Make Money from Blogs (Join Blog Contest)

When I first got a laptop when I was still in Vocational School here I was familiar with the website, it used to be the blogger / blogspot trend. Looking for people or blogs that discuss blogs is still very difficult, that's my inspiration to build a QUX.ME website that is specifically for beginners who used to be like me.

I used to see a lot of potential like:
  1. Earn money from Google Adsense through a blog
  2. Earn money from blog competitions
  3. Earn money from review services
  4. Earn money from YouTube
  5. Earn money from selling (online stores)
From those five, I was interested in the blog competition, because what I was thinking about was "just writing, it's easy, just trying to make the brand money." My sad mindset was when I was expecting money when I started. But this talk in my heart was not in line with the practice, when I was able to create a blog and write, for the first 6 months I was involved in the blog competition, no one produced it at all.

More than 30 articles that I have included in the race no one has won. Here I began to despair but fortunately there were still those who gave enthusiasm and support from community friends, especially both parents.

I tried to get up and modify, asking my father for advice (used to be a former writer in a print media, he said).

The competition I participated in was a blog competition organized by Telkom Indonesia in collaboration with Alhamdulilah, the struggle did not betray the results, I managed to get 1 (read: one) and get Rp. 10,000,000, - hard cash goes into a clean personal account, because taxes and administration are borne by the organizer.

Blog contests are the easiest way to earn money from blogs (but still have a lot to learn to write and gather with the right people).

Make Money from Blogs (Opening Review Services or Content Placement)

When I first opened this service, I honestly had never known before. After winning the race several times I was contacted again by Telkom Indonesia to write down new products and what I didn't expect without a blog competition, writing a review of money that could be generated from the blog was also great. Previously the tariff was around Rp. 500,000 / product review on my new article.

From here I was desperate to try fortune which later on the blog I did not forget to put up the "Contact Me" page and the "About Me" page, I made this solely just to make it easier for prospective clients to contact me.

Remember! Not all who want to advertise want to pay dearly, so don't sell it expensive if you don't have a good reputation in the eyes of the client. I myself usually when there is an offer always answer with the following sentence.
Thank you for the offer, bro, I'm ready to work together on this, but what is the best price for me so that I don't reject this offer?
this is important before further negotiations, pay attention to the writing that I am bold, although it looks trivial, God willing, I will increase the selling price from the initial bid value.

Make Money from Blogs with Banner Ads

Suppose you are a well-known blogger, diligently writing until the website has thousands of traffic a day. One of the easy monetations to implement is installing banner advertisements on blogs with a form of monthly collaboration. Usually I myself apply this on a personal website with a minimum contract period of 1 year or 1 month, you can create it.

If you often see bloggers who play AdSense banner ads also cannot be underestimated, for example, like the website, the prices pegged are very expensive, this is certainly of a quality that you can see for yourself.

Usually the price of banner ads will be expensive if a website has a high URL Rating (UR) or DR (Domain Rating), if you are still busy with DA / PA you should try reading interesting articles from Ahrefs that discuss SEO Matrics and why big companies determine price from UR / DR not DA / PA. But more important is when a website has high traffic like

If you are interested please try, but first make sure the data related to your website or blog is in accordance with the wishes of advertisers, for example with high traffic, quality referring domains (backlinks), good UR / DR and Alexa Rank (Popular Website) and so forth.

Make Money from Blogs with Google AdSense

If you are a beginner and want this fast money is not a shortcut, but this can be a springboard for those of you who want to focus on doing AdSense business.

Google AdSense is a business built by Google, in order to be a part of its partners you must follow all agreed rules (that's the importance of reading the terms and conditions).

But nowadays there are many beginners who get hot when they see screnshoot scattered on their social media homepage, until they practice themselves until finally not infrequently many are disappointed, but calm you are not alone, so am I.

His name also sees money, so he wants to hurry, even though this is a business that must be lived patiently and reliably. To get to this point, there is a lot that you have to do, you can't just write for "human" you also need to understand the basics of SEO so that the articles you make are not in vain not to get traffic.

If I explain it openly here, maybe this is not the right time for now.

maybe you want read it : Complete Guide To Search Engine Optimization

To start learning SEO, there are two versions, which are free and also paid.

Free SEO Learning Recommendations:

  1. GuideIM, this starts from the basic banet suitable for beginners like you
  2. MastahSEO, the material is free, the owner is Mas Airul, the best SEO Specialist I have ever known
  3. Ahref Blog, This is a place that I like too because it is discussed with the case study
  4. Nail Patel, a lot of interesting things here that can be applied in our country

Recommended Learning Premium / Paid SEO:

  1. Sintesa Kilat, I have learned here directly for 7 days Thank God I met my best SEO teacher, also, mas Ibrahim Vatih
  2. Revorma, this is a paid online course that I recommend, because it has been proven that the science still works today! who also have mas Ibrahim Vatih Sintesa online business boarding house owner
For others, please ask the members, I myself have never taken an SEO course elsewhere other than the four I mentioned above. Only with internet and money from saving money, God willing, you can do anything related to marketing in the online world through SEO, not just the AdSense business.

But if you can honestly learn SEO this is not for a moment, you have to give up time to learn, try and try again to find the way. Because practice on Website A and B results can be different.


Maybe it's quite this way that I can share for those of you who have just started a blog, this discussion is that you have to be brave enough to start, don't be shy about asking don't be afraid to invest in expensive knowledge and never be discouraged, if you don't have it there you're right really failed. If you want to ask about how to get money from a blog, please leave a comment, God willing, I will reply one by one.