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How to PING Blog Sitemap on Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster

How to PING Blog Sitemap on Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster
QUX.ME, Tutorial - In building a blog, there is a lot of optimization that can be done. This optimization is called SEO or Search Engine Optimation. That is an attempt to optimize our blog, so that our blog is easier to find on Google search. Seo is divided into 2 namely SEO On page and Off page SEO.

In addition to backlinks and submit urls to Google, there is another Off page SEO technique, which is by pinging the blog sitemap on Google webmaster and Bing webmaster. PING sitemap aims to tell Google that our blog has new articles. So Google will immediately crawl into our new article.

So by doing a PING sitemap, our article will be faster recognized by Google and easier to find in the search engine. For a faster crawling process, don't forget to submit each of our articles to Google Webmaster Tools. If you don't know how, please read my article about how to submit articles to Google webmaster tools

How to PING a Sitemap blog on Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster

Okay, just go to our main topic, namely how to PING sitemap blog on google webmaster and bing webmaster

Actually the way to PING sitemap is quite easy, but you don't know yet? Take it easy, please refer to the tutorial below.

  1. For PING sitemap on google webmaster
  2. For PING sitemap on Bing webmasters
  3. The way to do a PING sitemap in bing webmaster is the same way.
that's an easy way to PING your blog sitemap on google webmaster and bing webmasters.

Easy enough right? So please ping every time you create a new article, so that Google immediately crawls your sitemap. So that your blog will be easier to find. Thank you for visiting QUX.ME