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Huawei Law Two employees who 'tweeted' using an iPhone

QUX.ME, JAKARTA - The shocking news came from the smartphone device manufacturer Huawei, the company sentenced two of its employees who were deemed to have made mistakes when delivering greetings of Happy New Year.

Reported by Reuters, the mistake of the two employees according to the company is to upload tweets using iPhone devices, which are none other than Apple Inc. products, Huawei's competitors.

The punishment that the two Huawei employees had to receive was a downgrade and a fine of 5,000 yuan, and did not get a promotion for 12 months.

This error is seen because tweets on Twitter will include the source of the device used to upload tweets, so that under the words "Happy # 2019" it says 'Via Twitter for iPhone'.

The Tweet was immediately deleted but a screenshot of the error has spread quickly on social media.

Then in Huawei's internal memo dated January 3, the company's senior vice president and board director Chen Lifang said that the incident had damaged the brand name. "The incident damaged the Huawei brand," Chen Lifang said.

Uploading twits using the iPhone was due to problems with Huawei's VPN network so that it was uploaded using an iPhone.

Meanwhile in China you have to use a VPN because there are several foreign services blocked by the Chinese government.