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Scavengers Find Skulls Suspected of Human Heads on Piles of Trash

The police conducted a crime scene at the site of the discovery of the skull and bones at a wild polling station in Bypass Ir Soekarno, Tegal Belodan Banjar, Dauh Peken Village, Tabanan, Thursday (01/17/2019).
QUX.ME, TABANAN - Residents who crossed the Jalan Bypass Soekarno found a human skull and about four other bones, Thursday (01/17/2019) at around 11:00 a.m.

The skull was found by a scavenger named Ari Kurniawan (40) in a wild garbage pile located in Bypass Sorekarno, precisely in Tegal Belodan Banjar, Dauh Peken Village, Tabanan.

In addition to skulls that are thought to be human heads, also found some bones that are not yet known to be human bones or not.

But the bones are found in a white sack, while the skull is found next to the white sack.

According to the Tabanan police chief, Kompol I Wayan Nuriata, the skull was initially discovered by a scavenger in a wild polling station.

The alleged human skull was found when scavengers were looking for used goods.

"The initial estimate of a human head and some bones about four bones that were clean without meat. Found scavengers who were looking for used goods between white sacks and garbage piles," he said.

After receiving the report, the Tabanan City Police Sector together with the Tabanan Police Inafis Team went straight to the crime scene to do the crime scene.

"At this time we have secured the skull and then taken to Sanglah General Hospital for a skull examination. We will wait for the forensics later," he said.

Mentioned about the age of the skull found, Kompol Nuriata had not dared to comment much. He will still wait for the results of the forensic examination at Sanglah General Hospital.

"We don't know yet whether it is human bones or skulls or not. What is clear is that they are still waiting for the results of Sanglah's forensic examination," he said.