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Want To Speed Up Wifi Internet Connection Easily, Try This Way

QUX.ME - Want to Speed ​​Up Wi-Fi Internet Connection Easily, Try This Way - A stable internet connection is the main factor when we are doing activities downloading files or surfing searching for information in cyberspace. But there are times, the internet network that we use is a bit problematic, so it disturbs our activities.

For internet users with Wi-Fi networks, when you experience problems your internet connection is slow when used to access the site or the process of downloading files you can try the following tips to speed up your Wi-Fi internet connection easily and quickly.

But beforehand, to get maximum results in speeding up Wi-Fi internet connection, then first you check the computer device that you are using whether it is in a "healthy" condition or not.

Because, one of the main causes that interfere with the internet network that you use is the existence of a virus that infects your device system. Also, make sure that there is no damage to any of the hardware on the device you are using.

If you have checked everything and made sure it is in good condition, then we try the following steps in how to speed up your Wi-Fi internet connection.

How to speed up Wi-Fi internet connection quickly and easily

  1. The first step that you can try is to turn off or remove programs that are not needed which takes up a lot of RAM resources on the device you are using.
  2. Use the following trick to speed up the Wi-Fi internet connection that you are using:
    • Open the application or notepad software on your computer
    • Then type ping -t
    • Then save with the file with the .BAT extension by saving as, then type the desired file name (for example ping.BAT). make sure you select the file type "All Files"
    • The next step is to run the file by clicking 2x on the ping.BAT file that you have and abuat before.
  3. For the next trick in speeding up Wifi internet connection can also be by changing the internet protocol laptop / computer that you use by:
    • Click the Start menu or the Windows icon on your keyboard
    • Please enter the Control Panel
    • Next select Select Network & Internet Connection
    • Then click Network Connection
    • Then Right-click Local Area Connection select Properties
    • Select the Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) option then click Properties again
    • Select Use Following DNS Server
    • Type in the Preferred DNS Server column with the number:
    • Type in the Alternate DNS Server column with the number:
    • Then click OK
  4. Use the Net Cut Application
For Android smartphone users, how to speed up Wi-Fi Netcut internet connection is recommended to install the Net Cut application. You can download it through the official market of the Google Play Store application.

This application itself has various network-related functions, such as:
  • Can to find out the IP Address and Device Name used
  • To find out various MAC Addresses
  • Can be used for Clone MAC Address of other people
  • You can change your MAC address
  • Useful for deciding and turning on an internet connection
  • And there are many more uses.
Likewise tips on how to speed up Internet connection Wifi easily and quickly on the device you use. Good luck !