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The FireFox browser apparently has the secret feature of hiding pornographic content

QUX.ME - The Firefox browser has a feature to prevent pornographic sites from appearing on a new tab even though the site is intentionally bookmarked or often visited by users.

That means, pornographic sites that are frequently visited by users will not appear in the "highlights" section, where bookmarking sites and the most visited sites will appear there.

That way, the activity of surfing to adult sites will remain confidential to maintain user privacy. However, the existence of this filter is not solely for maintaining privacy, but also for commercial needs.

Screenshot of the blacklisted content filter feature from the Highlight menu even though it has been bookmarked. (ZD Net) This filter feature is not new, it has been around since 2014.

At that time, Firefox's "new tab page" contained the "Suggested Tiles" menu which can be used to show sponsored content and the sites most frequently visited by users.

However, commercial partners who buy sponsor content protest because they are reluctant to be considered the same as negative adult content.

From there, Mozilla developers implemented a filter feature for adult content. Not only pornographic content, summarized from ZDNet, Sunday (1/6/2019), the developers also prevented piracy site thumbnails from appearing next to the sponsor site that sold official DVDs.

"MGM (James Bond film distributor company) does not want the release of DVD 007 to appear on the same page as the PirateBay site," explained the 2014 Firefox engineer.

At that time, the original DVD film James Bonnd 007 was next to the pirated film site PirateBay on Suggested Tiles.

But when the Sponge Tiles feature was finally removed, adult content still appeared.

Then the feature was improved in 2017 along with the release of the new Firefox Quantum browser. Since then, this filter feature is available by default, but users can deactivate it by accessing the following page to set it up.