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These 6 Habits Can Make Gadgets Fast Damaged, One of them is the Cheat Charger

Prevent before it's too late, avoid 6 trivial habits that can damage your gadget. Starting from changing chargers to charging overnight. Read more about the following.

QUX.ME - Whenever and wherever we are, it feels empty if you don't carry a gadget.

It is undeniable that gadgets greatly facilitate our daily work.

But do you realize, there are many trivial habits that we don't realize can make our gadget broken?

Like charging a full night, and the use of a charger that is not a partner can actually damage the gadget.

What are the bad habits that can damage the gadget?

The following are six daily habits that can damage the gadget summarized by QUX.ME from on Friday (01/04/2019).

1. Bringing Gadgets into the Toilet

Carrying a smartphone or laptop into the toilet is a habit that must be abandoned immediately.

Because, if exposed to water the gadget will be damaged.

In addition, in the toilet there are many invisible bacteria.

Gadgets that are brought into the toilet are at risk of becoming a bacterial media that can attack the body.

2. Empty the phone battery completely

Lithium-ion batteries from several smartphones are programmed for a number of full charge / usage cycles from 100% to 0%.

After several hundred of these cycles, the battery capacity began to decrease.

That is why it is better not to wait until the cellphone is completely off and charging when the battery level drops to around 20%.

3. Charge all night

Don't get used to charging gadgets all night long if you want your gadget to last.

Allowing the gadget to connect to their charger overnight will reduce battery capacity over time.

In addition, lithium-ion batteries do not require a full charge due to the battery's high voltage.

4. Fighting - Change Charger Unlimited

How often do you charge using a friend's charger?

Just because the charger is suitable doesn't mean it's compatible with your cellphone.

This is a dangerous habit for your gadget, because there is a special chip inside the gadget that is responsible for some functions that can be damaged by the wrong cable.

This can cause your cellphone to not function properly.

5. Bring the Laptop to the Bed

Watching our favorite TV series is the most comfortable to do while lying on a bed.

Often, we just put the gadget on our lap, which can be very dangerous because it is prohibited from closing the laptop air vents.

You have to give them direct access to the air, otherwise your gadget will overheat and stop operating.

6. Eat while playing a laptop

Weaknesses of biscuits or other foods you eat can get between your keyboard.

Over time, the keyboard's performance will decrease and even experience damage.

Not only food, coffee or tea spills that you drink can also cause damage to the laptop.