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Unable to seat, British family sitting on the floor of the plane

Unable to seat, British family sitting on the floor of the plane
QUX.ME, Spain - A family from England was forced to sit on the floor of the plane on a flight from Spain to England.

The Taylor family experienced this incident when they were about to leave for Birmingham from Menorca using the TUI airline.

In fact, as told to the BBC, they claimed to have paid a ticket for £ 1,300 or the equivalent of Rp. 23.5 million and had also received a boarding pass.

Paula Taylor revealed that she, her husband, and their 10-year-old daughter had arrived at the airport long before flight time to ensure they could sit in the same row.

They also got seats numbered 41 D, E, and F. However, when they arrived on the plane, they found empty space in a place that should have been filled with seats.

"We just stare at each other as if to say 'where do our chairs go?' said Paula Taylor.

Once all passengers occupy their respective seats, it turns out there is one empty seat left. Paula Taylor gave the chair to Brooke, her son. As for him and her husband, they were invited to sit on folding chairs for cabin crew.

However, the problem is not over yet. When the plane lifted, the cabin crew began removing food and other items stored behind the folding chair.

Consequently, Paula Taylor and her husband had to sit on the floor, where they should have seats. Seeing his father and mother sitting on the floor, Brooke joined in because he did not want to sit alone.

The Taylor family claimed to be given a thank you from the cabin crew for their understanding.

Paula said the TUI airline gave a brief explanation when he brought up the issue. In good faith, the TUI gave £ 30 (Rp.541,000) in cash.

It was only after Taylor's family contacted the BBC that the TUI airline returned their ticket money and claimed there were "plane changes in the last minute" which resulted in the Taylor family's seats being unavailable. The replacement aircraft has a different arrangement of seats.

The airline said "sorry for handling the situation" and would contact Taylor's family to apologize directly.

The British Civil Aviation Authority insists passengers are permitted to occupy cabin crew seats in certain situations. However, passengers must get a seat during the flight.

To the BBC, the agency said it would contact TUI to ask for an explanation.