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5 easy ways to get money

5 easy ways to get money

Apart from using well-known applications such as whaff rewards. There are many other ways to get free money from the internet quite easily.

1. qooh it application

This application provides rewards in the form of money to answer and ask questions. It's easy enough that it's not more like social media. The difference is that he gives rewards in the form of money. Which can be cashed. Although it is quite old, this application is proven to pay.

2. Go Kwai

This application is similar to the next application that is on the rise, tick tok. The difference is that every time we post and there are those who visit, some comment that we will get money in return. It's easy to do especially for those who like to make videos. And stylish in front of the camera

3. Yougov

This online survey was once rumored to have not paid. But I have proven it myself until now, yougov still gives money. Now yougov has also provided compensation in the form of rupiah. The mission is very easy. We only fill out surveys that are sent via email.

4. BCH click bot

It is a telegram bot that will reward you with crypto bch currencies. There are 3 tasks that we can do. Like following several channels on the telegram. Open the website and start a new bot.

5. Read Plus

One of the news reading applications from all the news reading applications that provide cash rewards by carrying out an easy mission is to just read the news.