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5 laucher for android. Really unique.

5 laucher for android. Really unique.

When we buy a new Android phone, we no longer need to search for the launcher that will be used. Android already provides it. According to the type of android you use. But sometimes we feel bored with that launcher. It feels less attractive. Here are 5 launchers from many launchers that you can try.

1. Ap15 launcher

This Android Laucher is very simple. The concept of this launcher is only in writing. Because everything is just the writing of this launcher, it has a small application size and does not burden the Android that you use. Even though it's very simple, you can change font settings and so on. So that it looks more attractive.

2. Simple laucher

As the name suggests, this launcher is very simple and easy to use. The application size is also very small, only 3 mb. And another advantage of this launcher is that it is free of advertising.

3. Computer launcher

If you feel your android is less attractive. You can use this launcher. This Android Launcher has a concept like a computer.

4. Linux Cli launcher

Now if this one is really cool. This launcher only contains codes. A little complicated but pretty safe to use. We need to write the application to open it. This android launcher is suitable for those of you who like the world of programming. Like hacker hacker v:

5. Lawnchair launcher

I use this launcher. Because the size of the launcher is small and not complicated. The appearance is also nice to see. Simple to use. And do not have ads.