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5 of the best Samsung

5 of the best Samsung

Samsung as a vendor with a first-order market will certainly not miss to give their latest innovation. Here are the best Samsung innovations.

1. Samsung galaxy j4 +

Samsung Galaxy J4 + is one of Samsung's best mobile phones under Rp2 million. This cellphone comes with a Snapdragon 425 chipset that is supported with 3GB of RAM. Available two choices of variants, namely with a choice of 32 GB or 16 GB ROM variants. Samsung Galaxy J4 + is presented by Samsung as an answer to the needs of consumers who need a cellphone with a contemporary and modern design.

2. Samsung J5

Of the many Android variants issued by Samsung, J5 is the rarest. The price now ranges from only 1 to 2 million.

3. Samsung galaxy A7

Samsung with this type is one of several other types of Samsung that have a pretty good battery life.

4. Samsung galaxy S10

Samsung issued 3 variants for this type. Namely Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 +, and Samsung S10e. For the price, Samsung S10 + has a pretty fantastic price. Namely reaching 23 million. But the equivalent of the price of the Samsung S10 + is equipped with 12gb RAM and ROM up to 1tb (terabytes).

5. Samsung galaxy fold

For a long time Samsung has always developed the latest innovations. One of the newest is Samsung Galaxy Fold. This smartphone at first glance only has a 4.6 inch screen size. When stretched, the Galaxy Fold becomes like a tablet, thanks to a 7.3 inch screen span.