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6 Foreign Travel Destinations that are Suitable for Millennials, Will Not Make Broken Bags

6 Foreign Travel Destinations that are Suitable for Millennials, Will Not Make Broken Bags
QUX.ME - For a traveler who is still a student and doesn't need to worry about costs when traveling abroad.

You don't have to look for a luxury destination to get rid of your tiredness.

Not all foreign destinations are expensive.

There are various favorite world destinations that are still friendly for students and students.

Whatever your holiday budget actually depends on your intelligence in managing money.

Saving can be an option to enjoy your first overseas vacation.

These are six foreign tourist destinations that can be visited by students or students.

1. Singapore

Haji Lane, Singapore

If you have never even traveled abroad or even traveled solo, the Lion Country could be the first alternative.

In addition to having various attractive destinations, accommodation and flight tickets to Singapore are also quite affordable.

2. Ha-Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay (Vietnam) (

Stunning views of the hills and sea are very indulgent in this place.

The charm of nature and culinary delights are well known in this place.

The exchange rate of the Vietnamese Dong currency is also relatively not much different from the rupiah.

3. Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju Island (

Jeju Island in South Korea is very popular in the world tourist area.

The highest mountain in Korea is on this island.

The natural beauty of Jeju Island is very interesting and many tourists flock to the island.

4. India

Kalkaji Mandir in New Delhi, India (

This Bollywood country has nothing wrong in your vacation list.

Not only are there a large population, destinations in India are also worth visiting.

Choose a small town and avoid big cities so you can get a comfortable vacation.

5. Peru

Machu Picchu (

This country in South America is visited by many world travelers.

Destinations like Machu Pichu become the attraction of foreign tourists.

6. Penang, Malaysia

Mural di Penang (onlypenangcom)

Jangan salah, negara tetangga Indonesia ini punya beberapa destinasi Instagramable.

Satu yang wajib dikunjungi adalah Penang.