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Difficulties in Regulating Ojek Online Rates, Ministry of Transportation will Involve Local Government

Difficulties in Regulating Ojek Online Rates, Ministry of Transportation will Involve Local Government
QUX.ME, JAKARTA - The Ministry of Transportation is currently designing rules regarding online motorcycle taxis.

Director General of Land Transportation Budi Setyadi acknowledged, his party still could not set the upper limit and lower limit rates for the two-wheeled vehicles because the conditions were different in each region.

"Now it is still a public test phase. Out of 6 major cities there are thoughts in different regions in the center. For example, regarding the issue of tariffs, trending topics are now among drivers," Budi said at a press conference in his office on Wednesday (02/13/2019) .

The Ministry of Transportation is conducting public tests in six cities, namely Medan, Bandung, Semarang, Balikpapan and Makassar.

Budi explained, each region has its own view on the proposed tariff.

"There are two cities saying the current tariff is good. They realize that if there are additional tariffs, customers can run. From the two cities that said the tariff was enough, he saw whether people were still interested in ojol. This means that tariff problems are shared thoughts," he explained.

According to him, there are 11 components that will be used to determine the tariff. The component consists of direct costs (for example gasoline, oil, tire maintenance) and indirect (vehicle registration, vehicle depreciation) of the driver.

"That is the driver's operating costs, but certainly willingness to pay is observed, how much the public wants to pay. Get some data from the research, how much is the most appropriate cost or indeed simulate the tariff rate. We review this first," said Ahmad Transport and Multimodal Director of Transportation Yani.

Involve Local Government

Budi said, his office would now involve local governments in the determination of online motorcycle taxi rates.

The upper limit and lower limit tariffs, he said, may differ in a number of regions.

"I need another round related to this tariff. Indeed, we can get numbers close to ideal, but only the lower limit, the upper limit is not yet. They say Rp. 3,000 / km, Pak Minister of Transportation (Budi Karya Sumadi) says do not equal (lower limit tariff) online taxi, "said Budi.

"Some of our delegations submit to the governor he understands the purchasing power of the people. If the applicator from the beginning we are involved, they indirectly agree. In reviewing this all rights are the same please talk. If later we disagree, then we will see," he concluded.