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Google Plus To Be Removed Immediately, Migrate Right Now!

Google Plus To Be Removed Immediately
QUX.ME - Google+ is the biggest platform published by Google to increase communication between countries with Google+, but recently news circulated that Google+ will soon be deleted, then does it affect blogger? Yaps Of course it is very impactful, not only for bloggers, even for developers who use Res API provided by Google+ to be able to login Session.

Google+ Closed for a reason, there is news that Google+ is closed to protect the Privacy Data that has been inputted by Google, because Google+ is experiencing data leakage or Bugs on its Google + Product, and Google is taking the right action to Maintain data data on Google users.

Impact for Bloggers:

The three products will be removed from Blogger, as has been notified on our Blogger dashboard that deletion will take place immediately, just waiting for the day, bro.

And don't forget, besides that Comments Blogger that uses Google+ is no longer able, so use Blogger Yupss! Comments. Not forgetting also that our profile will change, because previously there was a blogger version of Google+ version or Blogger version (PROFILE), then you will immediately change it to Blogger profile, bro!