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How to get an Ad Matched Content from Google Adsense

How to get an Ad Matched Content from Google Adsense
QUX.ME, Tutorial - Google adsense is one of the most popular advertising service providers recently. Google adsense also always develops its services so that at this time there are so many types of advertisements found on Google Adsense. Among them: Text and image ads, in-feed advertisements, article ads, automatic ads and matched content ads. Of the various types of ads available on google adsense, the ads for matced content are the most special ads. Why do you say special ads? Because not all Google Adsense publishers can advertise matched content. Only publishers with certain blogs can install it.

 What is advertising matched content?

Before discussing further, it would be better if we know what matched content is. Ad matched content is an ad unit provided by Google that forms and formats resemble related articles. So, the ad will be placed between our related posts in almost the same form and format. So that it will be difficult to distinguish what advertisement is not. That's why ad matched content will get more clicks than other ad units.

The trick to getting ads matched content on the blog

As I explained earlier, that not all blogs can get ads matched content. This means that only blogs that are considered appropriate by Google can advertise matched content. If your blog is unable to advertise matched content, don't worry because on this occasion I will share the tricks so that your blog can get ads matched content from google adsense immediately. Okay, let's just go to the trick.
  1. First, make sure you already have a Google Adsense account and a blog
  2. After that, enter your Google Adsense account. Then enter automatic ads, then activate the appropriate content ads. Once active, please click save.
    Enable ads automatically matched content
  3. Then paste the automatic ad code in your template. How, please go to the Themes menu then Edit HTML. Look for the code <head>, then place the ad code right below it.
    Place the ad code in the template
  4. After that, click save.
Please wait a few days for your blog to show ads matched content through automatic advertising. After a while, please turn off the automatic ad again which was activated. To make sure this trick works or not you can check it yourself. How to?
  1. Please enter Google Adsense.
  2. Open the ad unit menu, then click for ad unit 3. If this trick is successful then the matched content ad will appear.
    Match content ads have appeared
The above trick cannot be 100% successful. But the trick above is just a bait so that matched content ads can appear on your blog. Because besides the tricks above there are other factors that influence.

Factors that influence to get Matched Content

After you do the trick above, you also have to pay attention to the factors below. Because without the following factors, the above method will not work. Then what are these factors?
  1. Make sure your blog has unique, quality, and original posts
  2. Use templates that are lightweight, responsive, mobile friendly, simple, easily accessible, and different from others (unique).
  3. Regularly publishes the latest articles. Minimum 1x posts in a day.
  4. Make sure your blog does not have articles that violate the provisions of Google.
  5. Make sure your blog has traffic or original visitors from Google. Regarding the number of visitors not specified.
  6. Make sure the number of your articles is relatively large. so that visitors have a choice of articles when visiting your blog.
  7. Make sure your blog is spared from spam. For example comment spam.
I guess that's the factors that influence a blog to be able to get ads matched content from Google Adsense.

How do I place an ad matched content on a blog?

After your blog has been approved to display ad matched content, you must install it on your blog. This match content ad can be installed anywhere on your blog. However, ad match content will be very effective if installed under the post. Because this matched content ad will replace the role of the related post. The difference is that the related post has no ads. While matched content is almost the same as the related post but advertisements are inserted below it. Okay we just go to the way.
  1. First, log in first to your Google Adsense account
  2. After that, create a new ad unit and select ad matched content.
  3. After that, please set your ad matched content, then click save and get the code.
  4. Copy and install the code in your template. For example, I will advertise match content to replace the related post. Then look for the code <b:include data='post' name='relatedpost'/> in your template. Then delete and replace it with the ad code that was obtained earlier.
  5. After that, click save template. Please wait for a while, then matched content ads will appear on your blog.
    Ad matched content has appeared
Yeah, I think that's the way to get matched content and how to install it. How easy is not the way. Basically if your blog adheres to Google's policies, then surely your blog will get ad matched content. Just waiting for time...