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5 facts about Oppo Find X

5 facts about Oppo Find X

Not only Samsung and Huawei that have good quality for their smartphones. Now Oppo is also much glimpsed. One of them that gets attention is oppo find x. But before you buy it, it's good if you know the facts about this Oppo Find X.

1. Price

At launch in the European market, OPPO Find X is priced at 16 million. Cheaper than the European market, Oppo now has a much cheaper price of 10.7 million.

2. Similar to galaxy s9

The screen found on the Oppo Find X is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S9. Namely with a slightly curved screen on the right and left side. Reportedly, the components of the Oppo Find X screen are indeed supplied by Samsung. The use of a curved screen on the periphery of a smartphone device is called to create comfort when held.

3. Like iphone x

As with the iPhone x, Oppo doesn't use finger print for security features. And choose three-dimensional face scanner technology. This security method is claimed by Oppo to be safer than fingerprint scanner.

4. There is no micro SD slot

Oppo seems to believe that Find X storage is enough to meet the needs of its users. Oppo does have a large enough storage, namely 256 GB or 512 GB for a special version of Lamborghini.

5. Upscale hardware

Oppo Find X relies on Qualcomm's latest "brain," the Snapdragon 845 with a 2.8 GHz clock speed and Adreno 630 graphics chip. Meanwhile, the Oppo Find X's RAM and memory capacity is quite large for the current trend, with a combination of 8GB RAM and storage. 256 or 512 GB.