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Tutorial How to Check Who Often Stalkers Your WhatsApp Profile

Tutorial How to Check Who Often Stalkers Your WhatsApp Profile
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Sometimes WhatsApp users are curious about anyone who often peers at their WhatsApp profiles.

But so far there is almost no way to check this. Yes, it's rarely a tutorial how to know who our WhatsApp professional peeper is.

Yes, many WhatsApp users worry about their WhatsApp profile stalker. Who knows the former stalker boyfriend.

But now there is no need to be confused, because there is a way to check who is snooping on our WhatsApp profile

And calm down, it's also very easy to find out the stalkers of your WhatsApp profile.

Yes, WhatsApp has not given us access to know about anyone who often likes WhatsApp profiles.

So that sometimes makes us narrated.

Apparently there are special tricks on how to find out who saw our WhatsApp profile.

So that we can know, anyone who gives more attention to you secretly.

Here's how:

1. Download Whats Tracker

First download and install first the android application called "Whats Tracker - Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile".

2. Click Allow

Open the application you just installed. This application will ask permission to retrieve data from all your contacts. Allow by clicking "Allow" in the pop-up that appears.

3. Follow the process

This application requires data from activities to call you.

Also allow this application by clicking "Allow" again on the pop-up that appears.

4. Click visitor

There will be three tab menus.

To see who has seen your WhatsApp profile, you can click "Visitor".

Now the list of names that see your WhatsApp profile is clearly visible.

Next is how to maintain privacy on WhatsApp.

It turns out that there are three easy tips and tricks on installing a contact key for the WhatsApp application so that no one can pinpoint you.

Three easy ways to contact Whatsapp so that you don't get the money you can get from listening to the following WA tips, check full:

WA tips on how to secure WhatsApp contacts so that all information about you is not penned by the doi, it can be done in just 3 simple ways.

Not infrequently doi still do not like to believe in the relationship that you have established.

Therefore, pairing cellphone pairing is not infrequently done so that there is no chance for ex-girlfriends.

But you can find a way to lock up your WhatsApp application.

By locking your WhatsApp contacts, he can't see profile photos, profile information, status, and even tap WAmu.

Therefore, the following Grid.ID will share an easy way to lock your WhatsApp contacts so that you don't get someone's pennies.

1. Contact privacy key

There are several features in WhatsApp settings that you can use to protect user privacy.

These include protecting profile photos, read messages, last seen, to profile information.

Well, privacy settings can be done through point three in the upper right corner.

Then select after, account, and choose privacy and security.

To set up a report that has been read, last seen, profile information, and profile photo can be arranged by anyone who can see it,

Select everyone to be seen by people who save contacts.

Select my contacts for the contacts we just saved.

Or choose no body for no one to see.

It is the same as setting the current status and location.

Note the option to deactivate the last viewed information and message receipt.

If it's disabled then you also can't see the notification.

In order for your WhatsApp contacts to be safer, select the security feature and turn it on after security to notice any changes to your WhatsApp security code.

2. Lock your status update

This setting can choose anyone who sees your status update.

Select 'All Contacts' if your status wants to be seen by everyone you have contacted.

Select 'Contact me with exceptions' if you want to hide the status of some contacts.

Your status update will be hidden from doi by selecting 'Only share with certain contacts'.

3. Protect WhatsApp from Tapping

The last step you can do is protect all chat, phone and video call activities for Whatsapp, you can be safe from eavesdropping.

The feature on the Whatsapp application that can be used to secure your account is Two-Step Verification.

You only need to click settings> select Account menu> select Two-Step Verification> click Enable.

Then, you will be asked to specify a six-digit secret code that can be used to enter a WhatsApp account.

That way, you won't be able to enter your WhatsApp account, because he was told to enter the secret code that you created.