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Easy Ways to Make Your Spotify a Full Version Premium

Easy Ways to Make Your Spotify a Full Version Premium
QUX.ME, Tutorial - In accordance with the title of this article, I will provide a way to make the spotify application that we have become premium (full version). As reported by the official website, the new Spotify application released in 2016 is a digital music streaming service, podcast, and video that gives users access to millions of songs from artists around the world.

List of features for the Spotify Premium account (photo:
However, users will be given a choice, want to use the spotify (free) or spotify (premium) application. By using regular or free spotify, you can still log in / log in to this music application for free and can play the songs you want, but the features on the free spotify account (free) have limits, including only listening to 6 songs after that you will wait for several hours to continue the song you want to play again, besides that users will be disturbed by the appearance of advertisements every time using this music application.

But all of that is different if you use the modified Spotify application that I will share this time, where you will get interesting features like:

  • Seeking enabled (Free to choose the duration you want to play)
  • unlimited shuffle (Random song)
  • Choose any song (Select & play all songs)
  • Unlocked audio extreme
  • Repeats enabled (Free to repeat songs or playlists)
  • Ads blocked (Free from Ads)
*Note: By using this modified application (apk), your account login status is still free but you can use some features such as premium accounts, provided you still cannot download / download songs on Spotify because you still have to buy and use premium account.


First open the ACMARKET site on your mobile,

Press the "DOWNLOAD ACMARKET" button, if there is a notification as above, Press "OK"

Wait until the download process is complete

If it has been downloaded successfully, please open the APK


Wait until the Install process is complete

After successfully downloading, select OPEN

If there is a warning window as above press OK, Allow all Photos, Media, Files and Phone

In the Search ACMARKET column, type SPOTIFY

If you have successfully searched, press the download button (down arrow) with green color

Wait for the download process to finish

If the download process is complete, a new window will appear as above, please press INSTALL

Wait for the installation process to complete

Select ALLOW

If the display appears as shown above, please OPEN

Finish and congratulate Spotify you are ready to use