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Ertiga Suzuki Sport Follow Market Taste

Ertiga Suzuki Sport Follow Market Taste

QUX.ME - All New Ertiga Suzuki Sport has an attractive design.

Sporty and attractive design arises because there are additional add-on bodykit and new features

Donny Ismi Saputra, as the Marketing Director of 4W PT SIS revealed, with the presence of a sports variant on the Ertiga the All New is able to reach more consumers.

Given the trend in the low-MPV segment today is not just a car that can accommodate family needs, but also a reflection of the identity of the owner.

"The reason we launched the All New Ertiga Suzuki Sport is that we meet market tastes," explained Donny, (22/3).

"Ertiga Sport is an emotional value, it changes towards the exterior, the main focus is exterior," he continued while in the Kasablanka area, Jakarta.

Donny added, the launch of the All New Ertiga Suzuki Sport is expected to be able to attract young families who are at the age of 25 to 35 years.

Therefore, by giving a more sporty appearance it is considered more promising to win the hearts of consumers in the market.

Plus the price is also still relatively competitive when compared to competitors in the same class.

"The segment we are aiming for is a young family who has the desire to appear more sporty or younger consumers (young families) from the All New Ertiga, something like that," Donny said again.

"The young family is also important to us. If we look at our demographics (Indonesia), it's like a pyramid, the younger the more," he concluded.