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Five Smartphone Oppo Specials Price

Five Smartphone Oppo Specials Price
QUX.ME, Jakarta - Like natural law, along with the appearance of the latest models, the old model will be 'abandoned'. In order to lure consumers, price cuts were applied to older models. This time it's Oppo's turn to cut the price of five smartphones made in Indonesia.

The presence of the Oppo F11 Pro this month will inevitably force the old model to slam the price. Oppo F9 and Oppo F7 are now being sold cheaper.

Not only the middle segment, the Entry Level Oppo category also experienced price adjustments. Indonesian consumers can now buy Oppo A Series at a more affordable price.

In addition to the two models from the Oppo F Series, the three models from the Oppo A series whose prices have been trimmed are Oppo A83, A71, and A7.

  • Oppo F7 4GB RAM from Rp.4,199,000 to Rp2,999,000
  • Oppo F9 4GB RAM from Rp.4,299,000 to Rp3,999,000
  • Oppo A83 2GB RAM from Rp1,999,000 to Rp1,799,000
  • Oppo A7 4GB RAM from Rp3,699,000 to Rp3,099,000
  • Oppo A71 2GB RAM from Rp.2,299,000 to Rp1,699,000

For information, Oppo F11 Pro is currently in the pre-order period at a price of Rp.4,999,000. While the Oppo F11 will be present next April at a price of IDR 3,999,000.