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The lake with pink water is the location of young people to exist on Instagram

Lake in the state of Victoria, Australia whose water changes to a pink color following the lack of rainfall, sunburn, and increased salt levels.

The lake with pink water is the location of young people to exist on Instagram

QUX.ME, MELBOURNE - The pink lake in Melbourne, Australia, is now the main destination for young people who want to exist on Instagram.

They don't want to be left behind to upload the beauty of lake water which turns into a "pink" color on social media.

Located in a part of Melbourne's industrial area, motorists passing through West Gate Brigde usually stop for a moment to see the lake closer.

ABC News proclaimed, the bright pink color in the salt lake was caused by natural phenomena.

The color of the water changes when the salt level becomes higher than usual.

 In addition, high temperatures, sunlight, and lack of rainfall contribute to changes in the color of lake water.

In this condition the algae that grow in the crust of lake salt produce red pigments, called beta carotene, as part of their photosynthesis process.

As a result, a spectacular pink lake.

Although algae is not harmful to wildlife there, the authorities warn that visitors do not come into contact with the water.

Launching from, Thursday (03/28/2019), park authorities in Victoria asked people who want to take photos to stay away from the shores of the lake.

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        Victoria Park conservation planning manager, Phil Pegler, prohibits the protection of vegetation around the lake so that visitors must comply with all warnings.

        In addition, very salty water can cause irritation to the skin.

        "We recommend that people avoid contact with water because it is so salty that it can cause skin irritation," he said.

        The pink phenomenon at Westgate Park can occur elsewhere in Australia and even throughout the world.

        In the remote northwest of Victoria lakes, Crosbie, Becking, Kenyon, and Hardy in Murray Sunset National Park are popular tourist attractions because of their pink color.

        Lake Hillier in Western Australia also turns pink during the summer due to algae.