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Because of the Internet, you can jump in these 5 promising fields

Because of the Internet, you can jump in these 5 promising fields
QUX.ME - Unlike the old days, this type of work today is not a monotonous thing that keeps workers working with a pile of annoying tasks and deadlines.

The reason is that there are many conveniences and diversity of professions that make us free to choose the fields we want to pursue. Especially with the sophistication of the internet today that makes work routines not necessarily in the office.

Here are some types of fun jobs that you can work on thanks to the internet.

1. Freelance writer

Yes, with the development of the flow of information that is now happening as a freelance writer is a promising thing today.

Freelance writers who are quite intense working and setting high targets can generate abundant money. Call it the IDN Times online news portal that provides a forum for young people who like to write. From acceptable income, maybe you really have savings.

2. Translator

Other jobs that are not less interesting and use the internet as intermediaries are translators. Those who are willing to translate a work or document are highly paid even though they work from home.

With the sophistication of e-mail and the help of free foreign language learning sites, you can try out professions that are suitable for the world of literacy.

3. Art workers

Various platforms can now be a place to make us free to work, including those of you who have a high artistic spirit.

Via YouTube and Soundcloud, you can be free to express yourself to produce money coffers. Thanks to the internet, you can have great opportunities to promote yourself and their potential.

4. Mobile App Developer

The application is a primary need that now cannot escape from everyday life. Starting from the application of chatting, editing, to social media, it is a favorite of many people to fulfill various needs. And it turns out you can learn about the application in a muscle way and don't make yourself a Mobile App Developer
Of course this is not something that is impossible if you really have a high interest. With perseverance and brilliant ideas, you can become a best-selling application creator and attract many people.

5. Influencers

Other high-value jobs are created because technology is an influencer.

Yes, those who are in charge of the items promoted have many benefits and income that make you want to do it. Many facilities obtained from endorse fees, paid promotions, to being invited to prestigious events can be carried out by influencers.

For those of you who are interested in pursuing the profession above, of course you must have a qualified internet network capital so that you remain professional.