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Galaxy S10e, the youngest who has the same features and abilities as his brother

Galaxy S10e, the youngest who has the same features and abilities as his brother
Galaxy S10e, the youngest who has the same features and abilities as his brother
QUX.ME, Jakarta - Last month, Samsung released the Galaxy S10 series, the latest flagship smartphone series equipped with a myriad of technological innovations.

In total, there are three Galaxy S10s that Samsung brought to Indonesia, namely the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10e.

Rather than the Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10e is arguably the youngest child of this series. Although the youngest, Samsung is not favoritism.

The proof is the South Korean technology company provides a number of similar features such as those on the Galaxy S10 Plus. Anything?

1. Compact Design

The Galaxy S10e has a compact design, the screen is only 5.8 inches. This device is very comfortable when held because the body is compact and thin.

On the screen there is a hole for the front camera. Samsung named it the design of Infinity O.

Still on the design, the front body of the Galaxy S10e has a minimal bezel so that it looks wider when the user looks at the smartphone.

Unlike the Galaxy S10 Plus, which has a fingerprint scanner on the screen, the Galaxy S10e has a fingerprint scanner on its right side. This fingerprint scanner is located on the Power button.

2. Dynamic AMOLED screen

Samsung equip the Galaxy S10e with the same screen as the Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 with Dynamic AMOLED. The difference is, the screen size of the Galaxy S10e is 5.8 inches, the Galaxy S10 is 6.1 inches, and the Galaxy S10 Plus is 6.4 inches.

Samsung claims this Dynamic AMOLED screen is the newest and most beautiful AMOLED and is able to display visualization of clear content, lighter colors, and the best quality than other Samsung smartphone screens.

With a screen like this, users can be satisfied when watching any content.

The camera and processor are as great as the Galaxy S10 Plus

3. The type of camera is the same as the Galaxy S10 Plus

Galaxy S10e has two cameras on the body behind it. The main lens is 12MP wide type with dual aperture f1.5 and f2.4 so that it can capture bright images even in low light conditions.

Meanwhile, the secondary lens is ultra-wide type and has a 16MP resolution with an f2.2 aperture.

The selfie camera is wide with 10MP resolution and 1.9 aperture equipped with a flash LED.

The difference between the Galaxy S10e camera and the Galaxy S10 Plus is the number of main cameras. Galaxy S10 Plus has three main cameras, two lenses like the Galaxy S10e and another 12MP telephoto lens with an f2.4 aperture.

The ability of the Galaxy S10e camera can not be doubted, especially for video recording. Because the smartphone is also equipped with super-steady video recording.

With this feature, users can record video from their smartphone more stable even though there are shocks.

4. Same Processor, Not Lose Memory Widely

Cheaper versions of flagship smartphones usually have differences in terms of processors. But this did not happen to Samsung.

Samsung still provides Galaxy S10e with the best processor at this time. Special Indonesian version of the Galaxy S10e is supported by the Exynos 9820, the same as the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10 Plus.

Even so with internal memory and RAM. The Galaxy S10e has the option of 6GB RAM with 128GB of internal memory. This memory can be expanded up to 512GB with microSD.

Can Fill the Galaxy Active Watch Power

Using the Shared Galaxy S10e Wireless Power feature to charge Galaxy Active Watch ( Agustin Setyo W)

5. Other Capabilities and Features

In addition to the mainstay features above, the Galaxy S10e is also equipped with a series of other features that are not inferior to even the Galaxy S10.

With a 5.8-inch screen, the Galaxy S10e carries a 3,100mAH battery and has a fast 15watt charging technology. Not only that, the Galaxy S10e also has a wireless charging capability of 15 watts.

The Galaxy S10e has a smart Bixby assistant so it's no less intelligent than the other Galaxy S10 series.

Not only that, the Galaxy S10e has been equipped with Dolby Atmos speakers, noise cancellation recording, to a 3.5mm headphone jack.

6. Conclusion

Well, from the description above you can see that Samsung is not favoritism with the youngest.

The company continues to provide the same features as the expensive version of the Galaxy S10 Plus, even though this device is the most affordable for the three.

As with the youngest product from the competitor, the Huawei P30 Lite. This product is sold far cheaper than the Huawei P30 Pro, the price of which is over Rp 12 million.

The price of the P30 Lite is around Rp. 4.3 million. However, the features offered are far from those of his brothers. As a result, the Huawei P30 Lite cannot be included in this year's flagship smartphone list.