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In the near future the Toyota Supra is released in Indonesia

In the near future the Toyota Supra is released in Indonesia
QUX.ME, JAKARTA - Toyota Supra Sportcar is staying in the middle of preparing to enter Indonesia.

This is known after the Jakarta One-Stop Single Administration (Samsat) System site displays the NJKB of the legendary car.

PT Toyota Astra Motor's Vice President Director Henry Tanoto still closed information about Supra when he was met on Friday (03/29/2019).

He said that in time the car would be introduced to consumers. "Be patient, we have a plan to bring some vehicles that have good history. One of them is Supra, "Henry said.

Henry continued, the Supra's arrival was to answer consumers' wishes in the luxury car market for high-performance cars.

He revealed a luxury vehicle segment of around 7,000 units.

"And in that there is a sports vehicle segment. But we can't confirm yet how exactly, "Henry said.

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Henry also explained that the Supra arrival would not disrupt the Lexus premium product market. Toyota has conducted research on the impact of a product before it was introduced.

"So for Supra, be patient," Henry said.

The Toyota Supra is a product of collaboration with BMW. This sportcar uses the same platform as the BMW Z4 also with its pacemaker that uses a choice of 2,000 cc and 3,000 cc engines.