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The Law of Stoning for LGBT Applied in Brunei Darussalam

The Law of Stoning for LGBT Applied in Brunei Darussalam
QUX.ME - Brunei Darussalam has implemented new rules in sharia law in its country.

One of them is stoning law for LGBT actors.

The law of stoning is a punishment carried out by throwing stones at the perpetrators to death.

Brunei Darussalam had been pressured by various parties to fail to establish this stoning law.

On Wednesday (3/4/2019) yesterday Brunei Darussalam officially enacted this stoning law for those who violated sharia law, including LGBT.

Some world leaders including artists and politicians react to this provision.

Celebrities like Elton John and Ellen DeGeneres voiced that the community was boycotting the hotel belonging to the Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.

Elton John wrote a story on his twitter, "We have to send a message, as much as we can, that punishment (stoning) is not acceptable.

That is why David and I have long refused to stay in hotels (belonging to the Sultan of Brunei) and will remain like that.

We hope you will join this action of solidarity. "

Cuitan elton John on his twitter (@eltonofficial Twitter)
Elton John further wrote a list of hotels belonging to the Sultan of Brunei who had to be boycotted.

"Here are hotels that must be boycotted:

The Dorchester, London (UK)
45 Park Lane, London (UK)
Coworth Park, UK
The Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills (United States)
Bel-Air Hotel, Los Angeles (United States)
Le Meurice, Paris
Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris
Hotel Eden, Rome
Hotel Principe di Savoia, Mi (Milan, Italy)

Elton xx. "

The famous show host Ellen DeGeneres also called for the same.

"Tomorrow, the #Brunei country will start implementing stoning laws for gays.

We have to do something right now. Let's boycott the hotels belonging to the Sultan of Brunei.

Raise your voice. Share this message. Rise up, "Ellen wrote on her twitter.

Ellen also uploaded a photo that contained a list of hotels that had to be boycotted.

An official at the Los Angeles government office, United States, Ron Galperin also voiced his opinion.

Ron wrote a note, "I feel angry and horrified today that #Brunei announced the death penalty for #LGBT.

@HotelBelAir and @BevHotel are owned by #BruneiInvestmentAgency & #SultanofBrunei.

We don't need to support these companies! #Boycott."