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1 terabyte microSd

1 terabyte microSd


stage is a momentum for vendors to launch new mobile phones with technology. the latest and supporting accessories, including microSD cards.

In the event,

two memory component companies, Micron and Sandisk, launched a jumbo capacity memory card.

Both manufacturers

released a 1 terabyte (1,000 GB) microSD card. Micron releases a microSD card from the C series, while SanDisk launches the SanDisk Extreme series.

For SanDisk,

SanDisk Extreme microSD cards are also available also available in 512 GB variants. It was not mentioned whether Micron also has a microSD card with a 512 GB variant or not.

In terms of capability,

the microSD card from Micron, the Micron C200 microSDXC UHS-I, has a maximum read speed rating of up to 100MB per second and a maximum write speed of up to 95MB per second.

Unlike the microSD

cards from Micron, the SanDisk Extreme series memory cards from SanDisk (including the 512GB version) have a maximum faster reading speed rating of 160MB per second.

In the aspect of price,

this memory card enthusiast seems to have to spend money which is arguably not small. Because the SanDisk Extreme microSD card is priced at 449.99 US dollars or equivalent to Rp 6.3 million for 1TB capacity and 199.99 US dollars or around Rp 2.8 million for the 512 GB variant.